This is Sarah from makeCNC and I’m excited to let you know about our Fantastic new line of 3D Puzzle Patterns designed especially for your Laser Cutter or CNC Router. All these patterns can also be cut and assembled using your Scroll Saw, or even from foam board or cardboard using nothing but an exacto knife!

There is the bull-headed monster born to Queen Pasiphae of Krete called the Minotaur and a Mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human body with legs of a horse known as a Centaur. It has some pretty amazing detail for these 3D Puzzle Patterns. Also of course you can’t forget the Legendary Griffin with the body, tail, and back legs of a Lion with the head and wings of an Eagle! There’s also Bubo the Owl you may have seen in Clash of the Titans and Magical Pegasus, a long time favorite.

You definitely want to check out the Newly released Dragons in this list of new releases. There are two bone or skeleton dragons named Dracolich and Kahn. They also have amazing detail. Also your going to want to check out the two Hydra Dragons, Tiamat and Lernaean Hydra Dragon. Also there’s the Powerful Hobbit Dragon of Erebor, Smaug, and Draco the Welsh Dragon.

You’ll Absolutely Love them all! Just head to the New Releases page at makeCNC by clicking the new releases link and check out our gallery of images for these wonderful new CNC laser cutting projects and patterns. Just click on the thumbnails in the Mythological Creatures section to choose the thumbnail of your choice and it takes you to an Amazing Banner! Click again and it takes you straight to the product to Add to cart! It’s that Easy! makeCNC wants to make it easy for you, our valued customers!
Head there now! There is a lot of Mythological Creatures and more to choose from!

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