Hello, this is Sarah from makeCNC.

I wanted to let you know about something Wonderful and very Helpful that makeCNC is doing right now. We have already begun the process of putting up “Proof of Concept” pictures on our website. and also to let you know we now offer the service of supplying laser  cut kits of our patterns…just email us for a quote on which pattern you would like cut if in the USA then not a problem if outside the USA we will try to get you in touch with someone who can cut it for you

we will be adding these “Proof of Concept” images for all our products  they are photographs of our patterns that have been laser cut from MDF and assembled to show how wonderfully our patterns work in the real world.

we will be adding these to all of our 3D Puzzle Projects to the “Long” description of each product. Just go to the
product and click on the details and scroll down and you will be able to view
them. They are Actual Detailed Photos of each product. We are going in alphabetical
order and every day we will be adding more until we’ve completed the process.
We would like to give a “Big Thank You” to Ylona Maas from the Netherlands for assisting us with many of these “Proof of Concept” Photos of our 3D Puzzles Projects here at makeCNC!
Ylona has done an Excellent Job of capturing the detail of our makeCNC Puzzle Projects. You definitely want to head to the website at makeCNC and have a look at them! Ylona has paid particular attention to fine detail and Good angles for your viewing pleasure. Ylona has cut them out using a Laser Cutting Machine.
Hats off to you Ylona for the Wonderful Job!

you can purchase pre-cut kits of most of our patterns if you live in Europe or the Netherlands by going to Ylona’s website at:


We also wanted to let you know we will be sending you out a MakeCNC Newsletter soon to explain about our Many, Many New projects that we will be releasing over the next month.
So “Stay Tuned” to your Informative makeCNC Blog!
And Thank You for Shopping makeCNC!

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