Castles & Magic :

Right now the creators at the makeCNC workshops are in a Castle Building mode and we will be releasing information images and videos about what’s coming and what’s already here on this page. We have several new Castles and related items coming so check back often if Fantasy ,Fairytales, History and legend are your cup of tea.

Just released this month The Fairytale Castle

0102 c1 c2

and  the Fantasy Castle

01 02 03

 Garages & Gas Stations:

The gas stations and parking garages at 3mm / 1/8th thickness plywood these are scale just right For HO scale matchbox cars or Hotwheels. Move on up to 6mm.,1/4 inch and you can park your dinky toys the on to 12mm , 1/2 inch and you are driving you Tonka trucks in. Head on up to 3/4 ply and you might be able to park your own car in it ..well maybe not


First up featuring a working lift and helePad

The Interstate Gas station

Interstate_Gas_Station_Wood3_Lasercut_500 Interstate_Gas_Station_Color1_Pattern_500 Interstate_Gas_Station_Color2_3D_500 Interstate_Gas_Station_Wood2_3D_Transparency_500

then we have

The Eternal Gas station (retro)


Eternal_Gas_Station_Color1_3D_500 Eternal_Gas_Station_Color2_CNC_3D_500 Eternal_Gas_Station_Wood1_Puzzle_500 Eternal_Gas_Station_Wood2_Template_500

moving on we present the Circle Tower Parking Garage with helipad and moving lift


Circle_Parking_Garage_Color1_3D_Scrollsaw_500 Circle_Parking_Garage_Color2_CNC_3D_500 Circle_Parking_Garage_Wood1_Pattern_500 Circle_Parking_Garage_Wood2_Woodtoy_3D_500

last but not least High tower Parking Garage also with Helepad and Moving lift




High_Tower_Garage_Color1_Scrollsaw_500 High_Tower_Garage_Color2_3D_Puzzle_500 High_Tower_Garage_Wood1_Scrollsaw_500 High_Tower_Garage_Wood3_Scrollsaw_Pattern_500

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