Doll Houses Introduction :

We have Created a special section for our Doll Houses as they are a much loved series of work we have created and very popular products. here we will supply information and feature new Doll ,House related Products as well as showcase some of our Doll House Customers Creations. you can Find all our Doll House patterns in the doll house section of our online store. also dont for get to look through our other building patterns as many people have converted them to Doll Houses as well.

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Illak Na

Below are Many makeCNC Projects completed by Illak Na from South Korea on a Laser Cutting Machine. He has now started a website showing off Many of our products. His Paint Jobs and Pictures are unmatched! Very Beautiful Detailed work Illak!  Thank You for Sharing!

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2 Responses

  1. Hi there!
    These wooden houses are absolutely beautiful!
    They are so intricate and well designed.
    It even looks like one of the castles was the one I was admiring from Doctor Stranger! (Korean drama)

    Does Illak Na have his own website? If so, I could not find it.

    I was wondering why I never see any South Korean style doll houses. I’ve seen a few Japanese style houses, but never Korean.
    I have been looking for one for a few years now, to create furniture for and paper with Korean Hanji paper.

    Perhaps you could develop plans for one?

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