Hi Guys! Sarah here again. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know
about our New Releases today. We have just put up 5 Great Shadow Boxes. There is a
Lion Safari Scene, a Fairy Tale Love Scene, a Gazebo in the Distance surrounded by
Plants, Two people in Love Shadow Box, and the Statue of Liberty Shadow Box. They
are Nice and Easy Projects you will Absolutely Love doing with your Kids or
Grandchildren. We also released 10 Brand New Bird & Small Animal Transport Cages.
Check these out! You will Love them! These were Highly Requested by Many of our
customers. So Enjoy! Tommorrow we will have Lots More Surprises in store for you.
So Keep Shopping MakeCNC! Thanks 🙂

Hello Everyone. Sarah here from makeCNC. I just wanted to let you know that
we have released 20 Great projects on makeCNC Workshops. These designs are made
by Jooge Creations. There are some Very Great designs like Shelves, Flower Vases,
Totes, a Magazine Rack, a Designer Bowl, a Towel Rack, a Decorative Apple, a
Formula One Race Car, a Hummingbird Cradle, Baskets, an Airplane, a Toothbrush
Holder and a Book Holder and a Skull & Bones Shelf. Check them out! We have Much
More work to do at makeCNC Workshops but you can sign up for the Affiliate Program
and the Seller Program. Just browse the site and read up and have a look around.
Also, you want to check out our Fancy Boxes Just Released. You can also buy them
as a set. You will get the Arabian Box, Art Deco Box, the Fancy Trinket Box, the
Hexa Deco Box and the Victorian Box. You can find them at makeCNC on the New
Release page. On some of the Boxes you can either engrave the external designs cut
them through or move them and cut as separate parts and glue on to the surface so
you have many choices for effect you desire. These Fancy Boxes make a Wonderful
Gift for birthdays or any holiday. They are also for the Collectors who enjoy
adding Wonderful New Projects to their already Growing list of Collectables. You
can design and paint these boxes however you like. Send us pictures when you
complete your projects and we’ll put them up on our Blog in our Customer Gallery
pictures. All of these new projects are in our new format requested by You, our
Valued Customers! Thanks for Shopping makeCNC and makeCNC Workshops!

Hello All. Sarah here from makeCNC again. Just wanted to let you know that we just
released 10 Brand New Designer Plant Pot Holders. Our Plant Pot Holders come in a
Vast Variety of Shapes and Designs. They make a Wonderful Gift for that Special
Person in your life. Also for the Collectors who enjoy adding Wonderful New
Projects to their already Growing list of Collectable Small Furniture. You can
design and paint these Plant Pot Holder Shelves however you like. The Sky’s the
Limit! Collect All of our Designer Plant Pot Holders Now!  There is a Beautiful
Waterflame Pot Holder, 2 Art Deco Star and Wave Plant Pot Holders, a Quail,
single Butterfly and Double Butterfly Plant Pot Holders, a single Angel and Twin
Angel Plant Pot Holders, an Elegant Deco Plant Pot Holder and a Peacock Plant Pot
Holder. They come in our New Format. Of course, As Always, All the hard work is
done! I’ll be back with more good information tomorrow. And keep Shopping makeCNC!

Hello Everyone. Sarah from makeCNC here. Well, we have now just released the World
of Endwood Castle. It’s an Amazing Castle with so Many extra buildings and Siege
Weapons and a Full, Very Cool Army. You can find the Endwood Castle Video on the
home page and on the New Release page and in the category fantasy and legend. You
can watch the video and then click on Details and it will take you straight to the
World of Endwood Castle Complete Set or you can buy the Endwood Castle as a set
for the Main Gate and Town Walls. You can also purchase all the extra buildings,
siege weapons and army seperately if you like. You definitely want to explore the
World of Endwood!
We are now going to start releasing Many more projects over the next week or two.
These projects are easier design projects that come in all shapes, sizes and
types. There will be a Lot of Shelves and Plant Pot Holders, Toothbrush Holders,
Napkin Holders, Beautiful Shadow Boxes, Baskets, Magazine Holders and Bowls. There
are Many Animal and Bird Transport Cages coming as well. We also have some Nice
Spice Racks and Bookends, Business Card Holders and So Much More it’s hard to list
it all. Just keep watching the New Release page and also the Useful Items section
on makeCNC.
The Australian Animals are Now finished for all you who have been asking and
asking. We Just need to finish up the product format and put them up! I’ll keep
you posted and let you know when we’ve got them up. I know it will be in the next
2 to 3 weeks. We will also be sending out another Newsletter within the next
couple weeks. We have also finished the Space Program Models and are doing the
finishing touches on those as well. Over the next month we should have those Long
Awaited projects up so keep checking back to makeCNC and check out our new website
makeCNC Workshops as well! You will be surprised at some of the New Projects you
will find there! And keep Shopping makeCNC!

Hi Again All. This is Sarah from makeCNC. I just wanted to let you know about a
Brand New Series we’ve just released called “The Flight of Birds Series” which
consists of some absolutely Amazing Birds that you will definitely want to add to
your 3D Puzzle Collection right away!
In this Series we have 2 different Versions of the Flamingo and 2 different
Versions of the Crane, a Very Cute Hummingbird, a Heron, a Goose and Tern, a
Tropical Bird, a Woodpecker and a Darter, a Hornbill, a Curlew, a Kingfisher, a
Duck, a Gannet, a Pelican and a Sparrow. You can see some Wonderfully Colorful
Banners for these Birds by going to our Product Gallery and clicking on the Orange
Button in Gallery One called Birds. It will take you to a page that contains all of
our birds. Just browse the different sections of Birds and click on the individual
project of your choice and it will take you to an Awesome Banner. Click again and
it will take you straight to the product to purchase. It’s that Easy!  An important Note regarding the birds is that this Series of Birds requires you to either hang them up or use a mounting base as most of them will not stand on their own. They are meant to be hung up or meant to be positioned on a base.

I also wanted to let you know that you need to read up on our New Product Changes
Announcement. You can either click on Recent Posts which is right on this blog or
you can go to our makeCNC Home Page and scroll down a few lines and you will see
where it says “MAJOR PRODUCT CHANGES ANNOUNCEMENT” and just click on it and it will
bring you straight to the information. It will explain our New and Improved way of
packaging our Projects in the immediate future. All of our New Releases from Now on
will be packaged this New Way which is far better and improved.
If you have any questions after reading all the information just drop us a line
either via email or on the blog and we’ll answer your questions.
And Thank You for Shopping makeCNC!

Hello All. Sarah from makeCNC here. Just wanting to give you a bit of a rundown of
some of the Brand New to World Projects we will be releasing over the next month.
First, we have the Endwood Fantasy Castle. This Castle and its accessories is for
sure what you’d call a “Mega” Castle. This Castle will be available in a few
different tiers. We will have the Main Castle available as a set which includes 7
Town Walls and the Main Gate and Drawbridge. There will be 9 additional buildings
you can purchase seperately which include a Church, Military Barracks, 2 Living
Houses, One with shops, The Town Inn, The Town Toilet, Two VIP Elite Houses and the
Town Hall with Clocks. We will be putting Many photos up for you to view to
accompany this launch. Then we’ll have available the Soldiers or Army and some
Amazing Working Siege Weapons that include the Ballista, the Battering Ram, the
Trebuchet, the Catapult and the Siege Tower. Endwood Fantasy Castle and its
accessories are now Complete and are being prepared for Launch along with our
“Scaled to Barbie” World for all you customers who would love to build Barbie or
other similar sized dollhouses with furniture and accessories for your children or
grandchildren. The projects we have for you in this “Scaled to Barbie Size” World
are “Out of this World!”
Just to give you an idea of some of what will be available for purchase for you
with our “Scaled to Barbie Size” world I will note a few things for you in this
blog. Firstly, there are several Great Dollhouses and an A-Frame House, Several
Furniture sets, Many “Stand Alone” Appliances and Furniture pieces including
Clothing Wardrobes, Kitchen Items such as a Sink, Stove, Fridge & Cabinets, a Pool,
Sled, Washer and Dryer, a Car, a Box Tub, A Claw Foot Tub and More!
We will have all of this available to you soon so you can choose what you would
like to use to furnish the Scaled to Barbie Size “Dream House” of your choice.
All of the Dollhouses, Furniture and Accessories are all scaled to fit Barbie or
similar sized dolls. Of course, you could scale down to make smaller sizes to fit
smaller sized dolls and furniture if you like. Our Wonderful Scale Calculator is
available for that.
We are also Launching Soon a Brand New Line of HO Scaled Railway Buildings of all
sorts and also hundreds of “Useful Items”. Some of what this includes will be Plant
Pot Holders, Decorative Shelves of Every Sort, Decorative Vases, Magazine Racks,
Toothbrush Holders and So Much More. We will be writing Special Blogs for all of
these New and Amazing Categories of Items being Launched Soon!
I would also like to mention we are launching our Utterly Amazing Space Program and
some other Terrific Surprises that we will fill you in on later. 🙂
So Check In Often. We are working on our makeCNC Newletter right now and will be
sending that out to you in the next couple weeks. We will let you know about our up
and coming Special Sales too!
Thanks for Shopping makeCNC!


makeCNC would love to let you know we have just put up two Customer Photo Galleries which have been a long time in coming. Customer Creations for all the Laser and CNC Router Projects that have been completed by our Customers and a Scrollers Gallery for all of our Scrollsaw Customers. We have just started putting them up so if you want to add some pictures of your own or if we haven’t put yours up yet please send us a reminder to let us know. Just send to Julie at orders@makecnc.com and send whatever pictures you would like to see up in the gallery. Let us know your full name, State or Country you are from, what machine you are using and what you made your projects out of and the name of the project and we’ll be Happy to add them Right Away!
We just want to thank you All for the Pictures you have sent us and the Hard work you have put in to making such Beautiful Projects. Whether you are using a Router, Laser or Scrollsaw or some other method they are All Equally Excellent!
We Appreciate All of our Loyal Customers for being with us for so Long!
Keep up the Great Work and Keep sending us Wonderful Pictures! Everyone following us here at makeCNC really enjoy looking at photos of what other customers complete so Keep Em Coming!
We have Lots more to tell you so Keep Watch over the next Couple Weeks! We will also be sending out a Newsletter soon so keep watch for that as well. We have just released Many New Projects and So Many More to Come! Hundreds and we have over 100 Simpler & Useful Projects coming soon and our Mega Castle with an Army and Weapons that actually work, Barbie Size Houses, Mansions and Some Real Amazing Surprises in store as well including our Truly Fantastic Space Program.
So we’ll be updating you soon! And Thanks for Shopping MakeCNC!


Hello Again. Sarah from makeCNC here to announce 5 Exciting New Projects just released by Julie at makeCNC today!

We have just released 2 Brand New Dollhouse Designs today and 3 new Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads.

Taxidermy is a trend right now! But if you are like us, you aren’t so excited about the real thing. We prefer the faux version – even to go so far as those made on CNC Routers, Laser Cutting Machines with a Scrollsaw or even with fabric, foam and paper. These are not real mounted hunting trophies. These are faux or artificial taxidermy projects inspired by our magical and beautiful creatures and meant to be crafty and inspirational.

Faux Elephant Head


Faux Horse Head


Faux Moose Head

These DIY taxidermy projects will give you a unique home decor piece without any of the guilt you may have about our friends of nature. And some of them are just plain cute! So have a good look at our first three. They were created by a New and Wonderful designer publishing on our makeCNC website now named Fabrice. He’s created this beginning set of Faux Animal heads. The Moose Head, The Horse Head and The Elephant Head. These Faux Animal Heads are all original works and very cleverly done. Congratulations Fabrice and Welcome to the makeCNC Team!!!

Also, Fabrice has created 2 New Original Dollhouse Patterns, The French Villa and the Royal Villa! These are makeMZFC Original 3D Puzzles as well as the 3 Faux Animal Heads.

French Villa


Royal Villa

There are many rooms to furnish in these two New Beauties! The mill work in both of these houses is wonderful and the detail is excellent! Come take a look for yourself! Use our Zoom tool to have a Closer look!

For these smaller version Dollhouse patterns you can cut on a Laser or Router that has 14 inches X 12 inches at .1250 or 3mm.

Also, all of our Dollhouses now come with a number coded DXF file to assist with assembly along side the full color assembly guide. This is part of the makeCNC promise to make things easier for you, our Valued Customer!

These are the first two of a New Series being released by makeCNC this year from Fabrice, a new Designer who has just joined to our makeCNC Team.

Don’t forget our custom sets of Smaller Scale Furniture that are available for these New Models as well as all of our other smaller scale Dollhouse Patterns in the makeCNC 3D Puzzle Collection.

Come check them all out now! Over the next day or so we will be releasing 4 Brand New and Original LittleNZ Projects as well. So check back! And thanks for Shopping makeCNC!


Hello again. Sarah from makeCNC here and I want to cover the Great trains today that we have here at makeCNC.

First there’s the Powerful Train which is included in our 3D PUZZLES VOLUME ONE. Here we have the mighty Train. The word “Train” is an old French word meaning to “pull and draw”. Technically, a Train is a connected series of vehicles for rail transport that move along a track to transport people or freight from one place to another. Trains can be hauled by Horses, pulled by a cable or they can run downhill by gravity. The first Trains were either rope hauled, gravity powered or pulled by Horses. There are freight trains, passenger trains, high speed rail, commuter trains and long and short distance trains, just to name a few. They are such an important part of everyday life for so many facets. If you have ever heard a Train off in the distance you can remember the sound of the wailing whistle of the Train. Train whistles originated in 1832. Since then people have enjoyed sitting and watching the Train roll past on the tracks whistling as it rushes by with all its steel might. I’ve always loved the sound of a train whistle in the night. It almost sounds eerie but in a Good way. We have this train in Plasma Version also.

Powerful Train

Next we have our little Steam Train which is included in Volume Five. A bit of history? A Steam Locomotive is a railway locomotive that produces its power through a steam engine. These locomotives are fueled by burning some combustible material, usually coal, wood or oil, to produce steam in a boiler, which drives the steam engine. We also have this train in Plasma Version as well.

Steam Train

We then have the passenger car known as a coach or carriage in the UK, and also known as a bogie in India, is a piece of railway rolling stock that is designed to carry passengers. The term passenger car can also be associated with a sleeping car, baggage, dining, railway post office and prisoner transport cars. This 3D Puzzle Pattern is one of our Premium Puzzles released not long ago. A Very fine addition to your collection.

Passenger Car

Then there’s the Diesel Locomotive which is a type of railway locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel engine. Several types of diesel locomotive have been developed, differing mainly in the means by which mechanical power is conveyed to the driving wheels. This 3D Puzzle Pattern is also a Premium Pattern.

Diesel Locomotive

Then the Steam Locomotive, also a Premium Pattern, which is a railway locomotive that produces its pulling power through a steam engine. These locomotives are fueled by burning combustible material, usually coal, wood or oil, to produce steam in a boiler, which drives the steam engine. Both fuel and water supplies are carried with the locomotive, either on the locomotive itself or in wagons or tenders pulled behind.

Steam Locomotive

And there’s the Finely Detailed EMD Locomotive, another of our makeCNC Premium Patterns. Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc., also referred to as “EMD”, is owned by Caterpillar through its wholly owned subsidiary Progress Rail Services Corporation. The company designs, manufactures and sells diesel-electric locomotives and diesel power engines under the Electro-Motive Diesel brand. EMD offers an extensive range of locomotive products in the rail industry.Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. traces its roots to the Electro-Motive Engineering Corporation, founded in 1922. In 1930, General Motors Corporation purchased the Winton Engine Co. and Winton’s primary customer of gasoline engines, Electro-Motive Corporation, a gasoline-electric car manufacturer, combining the two to form GM’s Electro-Motive Division (EMD) on January 1, 1941. So you want to hurry and check out our trains.

EMD Locomotive

By the way, We have Lots of Surprises coming in the future for you so keep a Look Out! I’ll let you know when to Pounce! Thanks for Shopping makeCNC!


Hi Everyone! Sarah at makecnc here again to give you some background history of some of our Wonderful projects.

First, There’s the Cessna Aircraft or Airplane. This is one of our newer Premium Patterns!

Cessna Aircraft

A bit of history of the Cessna Aircraft? The Cessna Aircraft Company is an American general aviation aircraft manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Best known for small, piston-powered aircraft, Cessna also produces business jets. The company is a subsidiary of the U.S. conglomerate Textron. An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air, or, in general, the atmosphere of a planet. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines. The human activity that surrounds aircraft is called aviation. Crewed aircraft are flown by an onboard pilot, but unmanned aerial vehicles may be remotely controlled or self-controlled by onboard computers. Aircraft may be classified by different criteria, such as lift type, propulsion, usage and others. The Cessna Aircraft comes with a multi-page color assembly guide using photographic quality rendering and assembly images.

Next is our F-18 Super Hornet Jet Plane which is included in Volume Seven.

F-18 Super Hornet Jet Plane


The Boeing F-18 Super Hornet is a twin-engine carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft variant based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet. The F-18 single-seat and F/A-18F tandem-seat variants are larger and more advanced derivatives of the F/A-18C and D Hornet. The Super Hornet has an internal 20 mm M61 rotary cannon and can carry air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface weapons. Additional fuel can be carried in up to five external fuel tanks and the aircraft can be configured as an airborne tanker by adding an external air refueling system.

Then there’s the Osprey Helicopter which is also included in Volume Seven.

The Osprey Helicoptor

It has long been a dream of aircraft designers to create an airplane that not only can fly long ranges at high speeds and carry heavy cargo, but can also take off, hover and land like a helicopter. Such a plane would have the flexibility to handle many different types of military missions and would also have civilian and commercial uses. The V-22 Osprey is such a vehicle. This versatile craft has been developed for the military by Bell-Boeing aircraft. Through the use of a tilt rotor, the Osprey can take off and land like a helicopter, but convert to a turboprop airplane while in flight. The aircraft’s rotors can fold, and the wings can rotate so it can be stored on an aircraft carrier.

And then we have another Volume Seven 3D Puzzles, The Boeing Jet Plane.

The Boeing Jet Plane

The Boeing 747 is a wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet, or Queen of the Skies. It is among the world’s most recognizable aircraft and was the first wide-body produced. Manufactured by Boeing’s Commercial Airplane unit in the United States, the original version of the 747 was two and a half times larger in capacity than the Boeing 707, one of the common large commercial aircraft of the 1960s. First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years. The four-engine 747 uses a double deck configuration for part of its length. It is available in passenger, freighter and other versions. Boeing designed the 747’s hump-like upper deck to serve as a first class lounge or as is the general rule today, extra seating, and to allow the aircraft to be easily converted to a cargo carrier by removing seats and installing a front cargo door. Boeing did so because the company expected supersonic airliners development of which was announced in the early 1960s to render the 747 and other subsonic airliners obsolete, while the demand for subsonic cargo aircraft would be robust well into the future.

You definitely want to check out our 3D Puzzles Volume Seven and our Premium Puzzles such as the Cessna Aircraft. And Thanks for Shopping makeCNC!


Hi Everyone. This is Sarah from makeCNC.

Just wanted to give you a rundown of our large scale mansions and furniture sets.

First, there’s the Fantasy Mansion which is a three story Gothic Mansion Doll House inspired by the wonderful Gothic homes we have found in the small towns of Southern Delaware, the first state of the USA.

Fantasy Mansion

There’s the Fairytale Villa which has many rooms to furnish, colonial windows and an exquisite and detailed gothic veranda porch which surrounds the lower floor.

FairyTale Villa

Then there’s the Bostonian Mansion which is another three story Gothic Mansion Doll House inspired by the wonderful Gothic homes we have found in the small towns of Southern Delaware. The detail in this house is Excellent!

Bostonian Mansion

Next is the Southern Mansion which is a Three story, Fifteen Room Southern Plantation style Doll House inspired by some Beautiful homes we have admired in Southern Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Though many of these homes have been redone to preserve their authenticity, they are a part of Southern History.

The Southern Mansion

Then there’s the Laurel Town Home which is a Three story American Gothic style Townhouse- Doll House inspired by a Magnificent home Paul and Julie found in the small historic town of Laurel in Southern Delaware. This is a Very Superior Home.

Laurel Town Home

Next is the Manor House Mansion. A manor house is a country house that historically formed the administrative centre of a manor, the lowest unit of territorial organization in the feudal system in Europe. The term is applied to country houses that belonged to the gentry and other grand stately homes. There were manor houses in most European countries, where they were sometimes referred to as castles, palaces, and so on.

Manorhouse Mansion

“Manor house” is also a technical term in the UK for a minor late-medieval English country house. They were often fortified but this was intended more for show than for defense. These houses can also be purchased in small scale for those of our customers who have a smaller footprint CNC machine.

Then we have a couple different large scale houses as well, which can be purchased in small scale also. The Tudor Mill House which has a working water wheel and internal mill. Tudor Mill was cotton spinning mill in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, in the United Kingdom. It was built between 1901 and 1903 for the Ashton Syndicate by Sydney Stott of Oldham. Tudor Mill was next to the Ashton Canal Warehouse at Portland Basin. It ceased spinning cotton in the 1960s and was used as a warehouse until it was destroyed by fire in 1970.

The Tudor Mill House

And we have the Bulgarian or Balkan Style Doll House which is a two story Bulgarian or Balkan Style Dollhouse inspired by the wonderful Bulgarian homes.

Bulgarian or Balkan Style Doll House

The development of Bulgarian vernacular architecture has, to a large degree, been shaped by the influence of its long Ottoman legacy. Typically, traditional Bulgarian houses are constructed from a combination of timber, stone, mud and straw. The ground floor is usually constructed from local stone and was normally used for housing livestock and storing hay, agricultural tools and produce. In many village houses, the timber framework of the upper storys was then in-filled with wattle and daub, and then plastered over with a white-wash of lime. A very typical feature of this traditional architecture was the eker or kyoshk, where part of the upper storys of these houses projected out on beams over the street below. In some regions, houses typically had a chardak, or open terrace, projecting from the façade of the house. In many villages, another striking feature of the traditional architecture is the roofs, which were made from large flat stones and pierced by tall stone chimneys. Some of the finest examples of such traditional village houses can be seen in the Rodopi Mountains, in the northern foothills of the Balkan Mountains, and in the region around Veliko Turnovo. However, the true masterpieces of Bulgarian National Revival architecture are generally considered to be the wonderful town houses which were constructed during the late 18th and 19th centuries in places such as Koprivshtitsa, Tryavna, Bansko and Plovdiv. These were often built for wealthy merchants, and were larger and more ornate than ordinary village houses. Most of them had there exteriors painted in pretty colors, and their roofs were covered in red tiles rather than stone.

Needless to say, The mill work in these mansions and houses is wonderful and the detail is excellent! Check them out and start adding them to your collection!

And Don’t forget to check out our Amazing Furniture sets!

We have the Mansion furniture set for the larger scale dollhouses.

Mansion Furniture

We have Furniture Sets 1-4 which come in both small and large scale. The Choice is yours and then we have the smaller scale sets one and two for the smaller scale dollhouses. Exclusive from makeCNC to your workshop!

New Dollhouse Furniture Set One

New Dollhouse Furniture Set Two

New Dollhouse Furniture Set Three

New Dollhouse Furniture Set Four

And as always, Thanks for Shopping makeCNC!


Hi Everyone! This is Sarah from makeCNC again. I’d like to talk a little bit about our Marvelous 3D Scenes here at makeCNC. Our 3D Scenes are Wonderful innovations from the workshops of makeCNC. These Awesome Scenes are in Full 3D and come in both metric and imperial scales and of course they come with our makeCNC Multi Color Assembly Guide! The makeCNC Standard as Always! These are all in our Premium Model Classification.

There are 16 Awesome Premium Model 3D Scenes. There are 3 Jurassic Scenes, the Jurassic Period, the Jurassic Hunt and the Jurassic Fight. The Models of the Dinosaurs are all Full 3D Models!

6 The Jurassic Period (Premium Model)

5 The Jurassic Hunt (Premium Model)

4 The Jurassic Fight (Premium Model)

Then there are the Christmas Scenes, the Christmas Nativity Scene and Santa’s Workshop Scene. You’ve Got to check these out!

Christmas Nativity Scene (Premium Model)

Santa's Workshop ( Premium Model)

Then we have the Underwater Scenes; the Coral Reef Scene, the Mermaid on a Reef Scene and Neptune’s Kingdom Scene, all in Full 3D as well!

3 The Coral Reef (Premium Model)

2 The Mermaid on a Reef (Premium Model)

 1 Neptune's Kingdom (Premium Model)


Then we have the castle Siege Scene, St. George and the Dragon, Moby Dick and the Whale Scene and our Very Cute and Inviting Camping Scene, with people, campfire and camper. Makes you want to go Camping!

Castle Siege (Premium Model)

St George & The Dragon (Premium 3d scene)

3d Moby Dick & The Whale (Premium Model)

Camping Trip Scene (Premium Model)


Then there’s the War of the Worlds Scenes; the Village and Thunderchild. Watch out for the Tripods!

7 War of the Worlds The Village (Premium Model)

8 War of the Worlds ThunderChild (Premium Model)

Then, last but not least are the Matador and Bull Scene and our Beautiful Last Supper Scene.

3d The Matador and Bull (Premium Model)

3d The Last Supper (Premium Model)

We will be completing these over the next month in Plasma Version as well now due to all the requests we’ve been having from our Loyal Customers like you! We will let you know when they are finished. Just keep an eye on our Blog and our makeCNC Home Page or Plasma Section. And Thanks for shopping makeCNC!


Hi Everyone! Sarah from makeCNC here to tell you about a Wonderful and Very Popular little 3D Puzzle of ours called the Hummingbird & Flower. This little bird comes with a Full Color Multi-Page Assembly Guide and comes in DXF form in Laser and Router sizes.

Humming Bird & Flower

Now to give you a little history on the Hummingbird. Hummingbirds are birds that make up the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest of birds, most of them measuring in the 3 to 5 inch range. They can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12-80 times per second depending on the species. To conserve energy while they sleep or when food is scarce, they have the ability to go into a hibernation-like state Called Torpor where their metabolic rate is slowed to 1/15 of its normal rate. They are also the only group of birds with the ability to fly backwards.

Their English name derives from the humming sound made by the very fast beating of their wings. They can fly at speeds exceeding 34 miles per hour. Hummingbirds drink nectar, a sweet liquid inside certain flowers. Like bees, they are able to assess the amount of sugar in the nectar they eat. Most Hummingbirds have bills that are long and straight but in some species the bill shape is adapted for specialized feeding. The two halves of a Hummingbird’s bill have a pronounced overlap, with the lower half fitting tightly inside the upper half. Hummingbirds are very territorial when it comes to food; once a Hummingbird finds a consistent source of food such as an artificial feeder it will fight off other Hummingbirds to maintain complete dominance over the food source. Hummingbird flight has been studied quite intensively from an aerodynamic perspective using wind tunnels and high-speed video cameras.

The Giant Hummingbird’s wings beat up to 25 beats per second, which is about 1500 flaps per minute, the wings of medium-sized Hummingbirds beat about 20 to 30 beats per second and the smallest can reach 100 beats per second during courtship displays. A slow motion video has shown how the Hummingbirds deal with water when they are flying. To remove the water from their heads, they shake their heads and body, similar to a dog shaking to shed water. Hummingbirds are restricted to the Americas from southern Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, including the Carribean.

Most Hummingbirds of the US and Canada migrate south in fall to spend the winter in northern Mexico or Central America. They are a Gorgeous and Amazing bird. You definitely want to add the little Hummingbird and Flower to your collection.


Hi All. Sarah at makeCNC again. I would like to fill you in on our Rubberband Collection.

Check out our New Weapons and War department for the Rubberband Guns and many more new military and siege weapons that actually work as well as many military based static model patterns! Some of the Rubberband Guns we have are the 007 Walther PPKS, the Rotary Crank Gatling Gun, the 44 Magnum Smith & Wesson, or “Dirty Harry”, the Beretta Hand Gun Pistol, the Thompson Submachine Gun, the Winchester Shot Gun, and the Wyatt Earp. Then we have our line of “Old Time Gangster & Cowboy” Rubberband Guns. There’s the Baby Face Nelson, Billy the Kid, Bugsy Siegel, Jimmy the Gent, the Lucky Luciano, Nitti the Enforcer and the Capone. These Rubberband Guns are for Laser or Scroll Saw Cutting however they can be cut on a CNC Router but some filing and or sanding will be required on inside corners.

Rubberband Guns

Small router bits at 1/16th size will be needed. Please read the Note Details on the Rubberband Guns as it explains in more details sizes and directions. The 007 Walther PPKS Rubberband Gun actually fires a Wood Bullet. The Gatling Gun machine Gun and the awesome large size fully function Crank powered Gatling Gun fires Rubberbands. The Dirty Harry 44 Magnum Rubberband gun by Smith & Wesson comes with a removable bullet chamber. The Beretta Hand Gun Pistol Rubberband Powered Gun, the Thompson Submachine Gun Rubberband Powered Gun and the Winchester Shot Gun Rubberband Powered Gun all fire Wooden Bullets. All the “Old Time Gangster & Cowboy” Rubberband Guns are Multi Shot Rubberband Guns.

We also have The civil War Cannon Napoleon, actually fires a wood projectile and is powered by a rubberband!

Elastic powered model cannon plans

Then there’s The Medieval Mortar Cannon Rubberband Powered Cannon which actually fires a wood projectile. All of these Models come with their own assembly guides as always with makeCNC and come in DXF form or PDF of your choice.

Medieval Mortar Cannon (Rubber Band Powered Cannon)

So head to the website and check all these Rubberband Gun Models out and all our other Wonderful Models!

Although these Rubberband Guns and Cannons are replica toys, any toy that fires a projectile can injure or be dangerous so if you make these toys please use with caution! Safety First Always! So Much to choose from! So little time.


Well, Mothers Day is coming up so I’d like to tell you about a couple of Fitting 3D Puzzle Patterns for the occasion. Flowers are, of course, given as Gifts for many reasons. Some examples are Valentines Day & Mothers Day and many other Romantic occasions and holidays.

makeCNC is proud to present these amazing original 3D puzzles, The Flowers in a Vase and The Rose. They are The perfect gift to make for your special someone! First is the Flowers in a Vase. Here in this Beautiful Vase we have several different Flowers. The Rose, The Tulip, Chamomile, Narcissus and Bluebells.

Flowers in Vase

What a Gorgeous Arrangement!!! This Puzzle is a very Complex 3D Puzzle and is recommended for Intermediate or Advanced CNCer’s unless you enjoy a challenge! 🙂

Many of our customers have put already completed it and it turned out Amazing!

Chamomile flowers are best known for their ability to be made into an infusion which is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with honey or lemon, or both. Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and are used commercial perfumery. There’s nothing like the smell of a Rose.

Tulip festivals are held around the world, including in the Netherlands and Spalding, England. Narcissus is a popular subject as an ornamental plant for gardens, parks and as cut flowers, providing color from the end of winter to the beginning of summer in temperate regions. Last but not least are the Bluebells.

The Bluebell is a bulbous perennial plant, found in Atlantic areas from north-western Spain to the British Isles, and also frequently used as a garden plant. It is known in English as the common bluebell or simply bluebell. Simply Beautiful!

This 3D Puzzle Pattern comes in DXF format or PDF format for scrollsawer’s and has an assembly guide as well.

And then there’s the Rose Flower Puzzle.

The Rose (flower)

This too is available in DXF or PDF format and comes with an assembly guide, as all our puzzles do. This Puzzle is definitely the Perfect Gift for your Special Someone. Here’s a little bit of history on the Rose. The Rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosacea. There are over 100 species. They form a group of plants that can be erect shrubs, climbing or trailing with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. Flowers vary in size and shape and are usually large and showy, in colors ranging from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Species, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and often are fragrant. Rose plants range in size from compact, miniature roses, to climbers that can reach 7 meters in height. Different species hybridize easily, and this has been used in the development of the wide range of garden roses.

The name rose comes from French, itself from Latin rosa.

So don’t forget Mothers Day this year!

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”


Hi Everyone! Sarah from makeCNC. I’d Like to tell you about our Mega Pack discount packs. We have two Excellent packages with Unbeatable Value!

The first is our Super Seven Mega Pack.

3d puzzles Super Seven Deluxe Mega Pack

This Mega Pack contains over 150 Multi Scaled Patterns. It contains Seven Full Volumes including a Bonus set of 17 Amazing Pen Holder Patterns. This Package has Amazing Value as it is over 50% off Retail price. Each individual pattern comes with a full color assembly Guide and DXF files in Inch sizes and Millimeter sizes. These patterns are for your CNC router, laser cutter, scroll saw or craft cutter or whatever method you choose. We have even had customers create our projects with an exacto knife and playing cards and foam board. We are also pleased to announce that we now have the Entire Super Seven Mega Pack available in Scroll Saw Version as well. Just choose the option for the Scroll Saw Version when purchasing the Mega Pack.

The second Wonderful package is the Plasma Metal Patterns Mega Pack.

3d metal Patterns mega pack 1 (PLASMA)

MakeCNC is excited to bring to the CNC hobbyist a new and ever-expanding library of art and projects made ready-to-cut on your CNC Plasma or metal cutting Laser machine.

This package contains 86 carefully chosen 3D Puzzles from our collection of 3D Puzzles off our website. These patterns are chosen for their ease of use when cutting from metal. These files are Ready to Cut downloadable 3D puzzle files for your CNC plasma cutter or metal cutting laser machine in both Imperial Sheet Steel gauges as well as Metric sizes for the global CNC hobbyist. Each file contains a full color assembly guide. These projects are High Quality 3D Metal Art from makeCNC.

All our plasma patterns come in three scale sizes and will be in the industry standard DXF file format. This is not slot sizes for thickness of material so don’t be confused. The slot sizes will start at 12 gauge imperial sheet steel size of .1046 and will go up and down from there. The same will apply as metric equivilants. Please head to our Plasma Section to get more detailed information on the 3 sizes. You can either sell the cut out projects as your own product or assemble them for your own enjoyment and to give as gifts to your family and friends. So you will certainly find a set that fits your needs.

Sarah from MakeCNC here again.
Just wanted to talk about another great spring project which is our Very Highly Requested Turtle Garden Stool! So beginning our collection of Fine Garden Furniture Accesories is the Turtle Garden stool consisting of a clever and colorful turtle shape design on a stool that can work as extra seating, a side table or outdoor accessory to your other garden and lawn furniture. This little Gem can be used as a nightstand or a spot to hide folded towels in the bathroom. As with all our products he comes with a multi page assembly Guide.
Turtle Garden Stool
So come get yours today!
Hi! This is sarah from MakeCNC!
Spring is here! We all know what that means 🙂 Time to check out our bird houses! You’ll want to check out our Bird Hotel, which is a large nesting box with several compartments in it. It would be ideal for your Back Yard!
The Bird Hotel
We also have the Gorgeous Elegant Bird Cage which has been built and assembled many times. Check out the detail page on our website for the Elegant Bird Cage and see Nicoles work, one of our dedicated customers. She’s done a Beautiful Job!
view 1
It is recommended that you use a Laser Machine for this project to enhance the detail as shown in the picture of the Bird Cage. However, you can use a CNC Router, Scroll Saw or whatever method you choose to use. You just won’t have the exact detail as shown in the picture.
You can have fun painting your own however you like. So lets get ready for spring!

Hello Everyone! Sarah from makeCNC here.

I want to let you know a bit more about our Barrel Lid Toy Box. We will be releasing two other Toy Boxes very soon that will be similar to this one only with different shapes.

Barrel Lid Toy Box

This Toy Box is a MakeMZST Original Furniture Item. Most people never seem to have enough storage space. So here is a way to create some more and add an attractive piece of furniture to your home. And it is easy to build. Just follow the assembly Guide and your storage problems will be solved in no time! This Wonderfully Detailed Box can be used as a pirates chest, Toy Box or just as an Attractive Storage Box. It has a Barrel Lid for easy closure and definitely will make a good addition to any room in your home needing extra storage space.

This Product comes in both metric and inch DXF format and comes with a 23 page assembly guide. This is a first in a new series of makeCNC Real Furniture items from a small model to a Full size Fully Functional Toy Box! It even has a secret compartment for those lost treasures! You can even make it with 1/8th inch plywood and have a small pirates chest for those special items. I have to wonder how cool this box would be if made from colored acrylic with your laser cutter.

Collect your Barrel Lid Toy Box Today!


Hi Sarah from makeCNC.

I’d like to tell you about a Great Volume of 3D Puzzles called “Box of Toys Volume One”. You can buy these puzzles individually as well though the Volume is better value. There are 10 puzzles in this set. Noah’s Ark, Bubblefish the Submarine , Ace the Aeroplane, Barony the Biplane, Tyson & Krupp Tractor & Trailer, Gravel the Grader, Flik the Fire Engine, Bobby the Bobcat, Toot the Tugboat and Harvey the Helicopter. Each model comes with a full color assembly guide in PDF format and Metric and Imperial sizes. These are “New to World” projects created by Julie Campbell. This set was created for the “young at heart.

3d Box of Toys Volume I

Another Wonderful Set from makeCNC is Mini Puzzles Volume One. This volume includes 29 Wonderful Mini Puzzles to make for your business, with your children or grandchildren or you can make them for gifts of all occasions!

Mini Puzzles Volume One

These 3D Puzzles are available in Laser and Router Versions and PDF Versions for Scroll Saw Users. If you’ve never used a Scroll Saw see our Scroll Saw learning pages to see how easy this is to do.

Scroll Saws are inexpensive and you can find them at most hardware stores. It’s a great way to make our puzzles if you are on a budget and don’t have a CNC machine of maybe you just like the feel of making something with your hands. Release the Artisan in your Soul! Check our website out for the mini puzzles. You can buy them individually or buy the set, which is definitely the Greater Value!


Hi This is Sarah from makeCNC.

Just wanted to let you know about our newly released Monster Trucks Set One. This is a makeMZST Original Premium 3D Puzzle Set. This set comes with a Multi Page Full Color Assembly Guide for each Monster Truck! This set includes 5 Monster Trucks: The Sky Crush, The Emerald Rider, Orange Crush, Sea Breeze and Midnight.

Monster Trucks ( Set One)

A monster truck is a vehicle that is usually styled after pickup trucks’ bodies, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. They are used for competition and popular sports entertainment and sometimes they are featured alongside motocross races, mud bogging, tractor pulls and car-eating robots. A monster truck show sometimes involves the truck crushing smaller vehicles beneath its huge tires. These trucks can run up and over most man-made barriers, so they are equipped with remote shut-off switches, called the Remote Ignition Interruptor, to help prevent an accident if the driver loses control at any time. At some events, only one truck is on the course at a time, while most feature two drivers racing each other on symmetrical tracks, with the losing driver eliminated in single-elimination tournament fashion. In recent years, many monster truck competitions have ended with a “freestyle” event.

Drivers are free to select their own course around the track and its obstacles. Drivers will often try “donuts”, wheelstands and jumps during this segment. Other items for the drivers to crush usually including a motor home, are frequently placed on the track specifically for the freestyle event. Other obstacles sometimes placed on the track include school buses and small airplanes. King Kong and Bear Foot each followed Bigfoot to 66-inch-diameter tires, and soon other monster trucks, such as King Krunch, Maddog, and Virginia Giant were being constructed. These early trucks were built off of stock chassis which were heavily reinforced, used leaf spring suspension, a stock body, and heavy military axles to support the tires. As a result, the trucks were incredibly heavy, usually 13,000 to 20,000 pounds and most times had to crawl up onto the cars.

You’ll Love these Bad Boys so you should head to our website to and click on Product Galleries at the top of the Home Page, scroll down to the orange buttons, click on vehicles and scroll down until you find the section “MakeMZST Presents the Monster Trucks Series. You’ll find them individually and Monster Trucks Set One! Check them out!


Hello. Sarah from makeCNC here to let you know about some Great New Releases we just released Today!

First we have released the Classic 68 Dodge Charger. This is definitely one Excellent model from the makeMZST collection. It comes with an 18 page full color assembly guide. This car has Great detail and a Great look! The Dodge Charger started in the 60’s as a Specialty Car and over the years has evolved into the top Chrysler-made muscle car.

Classic 68 Dodge Charger

Next up is the 68 Ford Mustang GT, which was originally introduced by the Ford Motor company as the Pony Car. The Mustang’s styling, with its long hood and short deck, proved wildly popular and inspired a large amount of imitators. This classic vehicle comes with a 22 page full color assembly guide. This model is another in the makeMZST collection.

Classic 68 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Last but certainly not lease is the Tow Camper, which is a travel trailer or caravan which is towed behind a road vehicle used for vacationing and camping and just general relaxation.
Travel trailers and caravans vary from basic models which may be little more than a tent on wheels to those containing several rooms with all the furniture and furnishings and equipment of a home. They are used principally in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and are rare elsewhere. In the US and Canada they can be traced back being built and used as early as the 1920’s. Of course today we call them RV’s, motorhomes, fifth-wheel trailers, pop-up trailers and truck campers.

Tow Camper

We have thumbnails for these up already so head to our website and click on Product Galleries at the top of the Home Page, scroll down to the orange buttons, click on vehicles and scroll down until you find the section “MakeMZST Vehicle Series. You’ll find these 3 New Releases and Many more awesome vehicles to choose from.


Hi Everyone! Sarah from makeCNC. I wanted to let you know about an excellent new puzzle we have just released today.

Magnificent Firebird (Phoenix)

We have added another Mythological Creature called the Magnificent Firebird or Phoenix as you may know it. This is a Very Highly Detailed 3D Puzzle and we are recommending that you use only a laser cutting machine for this model. You can, of course, feel free to use any cutting method you choose. We have only laser version for this model but you could use a Scroll Saw to cut it if you are very handy with one. You would have to use a fine blade and do a bit of sanding and filing when finished to enhance the fine detail. However, it will be a very attractive bird when finished. Email us pictures when you’ve finished. We will be posting a Lot of pictures and testimonials very soon. We are still working on redoing all the thumbnails and banners on our website for every product. Many of our Valued Customers like you are already calling us and emailing us to tell us they Love the new look of the banners and ease of browsing by using our thumbnails. Remember, just click on the thumbnail of your choice and up pops a Great banner; Click again and you’re right at the product ready to Add to Cart! It’s definitely an Easy way of browsing and buying.

Magnificent Firebird (Phoenix)

Now to give you a little history of the Phoenix tale. It is described as a bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1000 year life cycle near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites. Legend has it both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new young Phoenix or Phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new Phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. In some stories, the new Phoenix embalms the ashes of its old self in an egg made of Myrrh and deposits it in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, literally meaning “Sun City” in Greek. It is said that the birds’ cry is that of a beautiful song. The Phoenix’s ability to be reborn from its own ashes implies that it is immortal. Very Amazing Story with a deeper meaning.

Come and check out our Brand New Firebird Phoenix!


Hi This is Sarah from makeCNC.

Just wanted to let you know about some of our New Releases and New Discount Sets available Now on our website.

We have just created the Monster Truck Set One. This is A makeMZST Original Premium 3D Puzzle Set. A monster truck is a vehicle that is typically styled after pickup trucks’ bodies, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. They are used for competition and popular sports entertainment and in some cases they are featured alongside motocross races, mud bogging, tractor pulls and car-eating robots. This set comes with a Multi Page Full Color Assembly Guide for Each Monster Truck!



We’ve also just released the “Rise of the Machines” Volume One MakeMZ Premium Model Collection of Road Working Machines. This is our Premium Model Collection! This is our New Series of Next Generation, High-Quality, Premium 3D Model Patterns for CNC Routers, Lasers and Scroll Saws, Completely Original and Exclusive to MakeCNC and created with lots of Flair and Imagination! Each Road Working Machine comes with a multi-page color assembly guide using photographic quality rendering and assembly images. This set includes all our Premium Heavy Road Working Machines. They are the Bulldozer, The Cement Truck, The Combine Harvester, The Crane Truck, The Excavator, The Farm Tractor and Trailer, The Grader, The Mack Agricultural, The Road Roller, The Scraper, The Dump Truck and The Loader Back Hoe. This set is a Tremendous Value!


rise of the machines


Check them both out! You’ll be Glad you did! Don’t forget to head to our New Releases page also to See our New Stag Deer, Moose, Elk, Lotus Race Car, Barrel Lid Toy Box and our Cute Turtle Garden Stool! Just Click on them to see the Wonderful Banners and Click again and Add to Cart! It’s that easy! Thanks for shopping makeCNC!




We Just released a New Fire truck model not long ago under our makeMZST premium line and one of our favorite customers has made a video of his build we are embedding it here for your viewing pleasure thanks to Klaus Korte

Mythological Creatures


This is Sarah from makeCNC and I’m excited to let you know about our Fantastic new line of 3D Puzzle Patterns designed especially for your Laser Cutter or CNC Router. All these patterns can also be cut and assembled using your Scroll Saw, or even from foam board or cardboard using nothing but an exacto knife!

There is the bull-headed monster born to Queen Pasiphae of Krete called the Minotaur and a Mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human body with legs of a horse known as a Centaur. It has some pretty amazing detail for these 3D Puzzle Patterns. Also of course you can’t forget the Legendary Griffin with the body, tail, and back legs of a Lion with the head and wings of an Eagle! There’s also Bubo the Owl you may have seen in Clash of the Titans and Magical Pegasus, a long time favorite.

You definitely want to check out the Newly released Dragons in this list of new releases. There are two bone or skeleton dragons named Dracolich and Kahn. They also have amazing detail. Also your going to want to check out the two Hydra Dragons, Tiamat and Lernaean Hydra Dragon. Also there’s the Powerful Hobbit Dragon of Erebor, Smaug, and Draco the Welsh Dragon.

You’ll Absolutely Love them all! Just head to the New Releases page at makeCNC by clicking the new releases link and check out our gallery of images for these wonderful new CNC laser cutting projects and patterns. Just click on the thumbnails in the Mythological Creatures section to choose the thumbnail of your choice and it takes you to an Amazing Banner! Click again and it takes you straight to the product to Add to cart! It’s that Easy! makeCNC wants to make it easy for you, our valued customers!
Head there now! There is a lot of Mythological Creatures and more to choose from!

Thank You for shopping makeCNC!










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