Hi again this is Sarah from makeCNC and I would like to tell you about a Wonderful New Series of 3D Puzzle Projects called the Little Princess Fairy Tale Series. Its one of my personal favorites. This Series includes Three Magical Castles and Two Horse Drawn Carriages. These Castles have seen their share of adventures and will be seeing Many more. The First Castle is the Cinderella Castle which has a large courtyard and several towers ready to be the permanent residence of Lords and Noblemen. Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper, is a folk tale embodying a myth-element of the unjust oppression and the triumphant reward.

Cinderella Castle 4


Next is the Snow White Castle which is named after a German Fairy Tale which known as the most famous fairy tales worldwide. This Castle has memories of the Magic Mirror in this Wonderful Fairy Tale. This Castle is built to Last forever!

Snow white Castle  Colorview 5

Last but not least is the Sleeping Beauty Castle, which housed the Beautiful Princess who had hoped for her Handsome Prince but fell under the Enchantment of Sleep. This Castle is a fortified stronghold and ready for newcomers.

Sleeping Beauty Castle 3

Then we have the Sparkly, Magical Fairy Tale Carriage which is Horse drawn and is especially designed for private passenger use and for comfort and elegance. Part of this set is the Sparkly Magical Fantasy Carriage which is Perfect for taking a Pretty Princess to the ball. This Carriage is also pulled by two handsome horses and is the perfect accessory for any of our Wonderful, Magical Castles!

You can buy these seperately or in a set, which is nicely discounted for those who would like to collect the whole set.

Just head to the New Releases page at makeCNC by clicking the new releases link and check out our gallery of images for these wonderful new CNC laser cutting projects and patterns. Just click on the Thumbnails in the Mythological Creatures section to choose the thumbnail of your choice and it takes you to an Amazing Banner! Click again and it takes you straight to the product to Add to cart! It’s that Easy! makeCNC wants to make it easy for you, our valued customers! Come and check out our Little Princess Fairy Tale Castles and Carriages now! Thank you for Shopping makeCNC!