Hello All from the Team at makeCNC!
makeCNC would love to let you know we have just put up two Customer Photo Galleries which have been a long time in coming. Customer Creations for all the Laser and CNC Router Projects that have been completed by our Customers and a Scrollers Gallery for all of our Scrollsaw Customers. We have just started putting them up so if you want to add some pictures of your own or if we haven’t put yours up yet please send us a reminder to let us know. Just send to Julie at orders@makecnc.com and send whatever pictures you would like to see up in the gallery. Let us know your full name, State or Country you are from, what machine you are using and what you made your projects out of and the name of the project and we’ll be Happy to add them Right Away!
We just want to thank you All for the Pictures you have sent us and the Hard work you have put in to making such Beautiful Projects. Whether you are using a Router, Laser or Scrollsaw or some other method they are All Equally Excellent!
We Appreciate All of our Loyal Customers for being with us for so Long!
Keep up the Great Work and Keep sending us Wonderful Pictures! Everyone following us here at makeCNC really enjoy looking at photos of what other customers complete so Keep Em Coming!
We have Lots more to tell you so Keep Watch over the next Couple Weeks! We will also be sending out a Newsletter soon so keep watch for that as well. We have just released Many New Projects and So Many More to Come! Hundreds and we have over 100 Simpler & Useful Projects coming soon and our Mega Castle with an Army and Weapons that actually work, Barbie Size Houses, Mansions and Some Real Amazing Surprises in store as well including our Truly Fantastic Space Program.
So we’ll be updating you soon! And Thanks for Shopping MakeCNC!

Scroll Saw users

Customer Creations